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Employment Opportuntities

Whether you are looking for employment or a space that will highlight your skill set, Fitness Beyond Training offers opportunities for career-oriented fitness professionals and health providers:

Cross Fit Class

Full or Part-Time Employment

Fitness Beyond Training is a team of exercise physiologists and personal trainers who use neuromuscular retraining methods and metrics to prove success. We don't just train clients, we assess, correct, and help them redefine what their bodies can do. Our private studio setting and team atmosphere are geared toward client success. No egos here, just legitimate training that helps change people's lives.

This position is for experienced trainers only -
Applicants are required to have the following qualifications:
• Minimum two years of experience in personal training, designing training programs, conducting 1:1 client sessions
• Nationally recognized personal training certificate
• Current CPR certification (or must be obtained within 30 days of hire)
• Personal Liability Insurance (or must be obtained within 30 days of hire)
• Fitness professionals must display the highest degree of responsibility to their clients and

• Bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, kinesiology, exercise science or a health-related field

Primary Position Responsibilities

  • Design, instruct, and track progressive fitness programs on a one-on-one basis for strength and conditioning, weight-loss, hypertrophy, and functional fitness performance

  • Gather initial intake information (i.e. movement screening, health history, PAR-Q, nutrition

  • history)

  • Determine initial exercise protocol based on movement screen, joint issues, training experience, and/or exercise restrictions

  • Integrate corrective exercise, as needed, to pursue performance training and/or effectively reach client goals

  • Track client progress and SOAP notes in online system

  • Actively communicate with the client to ensure progress

  • Sell and schedule session packages, nutrition services, and metabolic testing

  • Market for new clientele

Opportunity for On-the-Job Skills Development
• Screening and Assessment of Functional Movement
• Self-Myofascial Release
• Local Biomechanical Testing
• Evaluate neuromuscular integrity and motor-control
• Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
• V02 max testing

• Fitness professionals must be able to work autonomously and be independently responsible
for managing their training schedules
• Utilize a variety of computer software, to include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and
online fitness programming/tracking apps
• Assist in maintenance and upkeep of fitness studio

For more details,  call us at (512) 481-8868

or email us at

Fitness Center

Space for Health and Fitness Services

We have space available for skilled and experienced personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other like-minded fitness and health professionals. 


Our studio offers a professional and motivating atmosphere for highly personalized one-on-one private training. No membership fees or strict schedules.


The layout includes a private treatment/consultation room and training space for up to three trainers at a time. It's fully equipped with free weights, racks, benches, cable machines, treadmills, rowers, assault bikes, bands, balls, straps, mats, and other training gear. And of course, enjoy air conditioning and adequate parking space for trainers and clients.

For more details,  call us at (512) 481-8868

or email us at

Space for Services
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