Class Schedule-Salado


Yoga Strong 9:00am


Flow and Go Yoga 9:00am

Class Descriptions

  • Yoga Strong - Yoga strong is for the student who wants to push a bit more. Light weights between two -five pounds are used. The secret to this class is the gentle demand of small supportive muscles without compromise of the asana. Only when the student is comfortable in an asana are they free to enhance a movement with more resistance. Weights are optional, breathe comes first. (sign up on MindBody to reserve your mat). 

  • Flow and Go Yoga - This Hatha flow class is set at pace that will increase your heart rate while still holding asana long enough to get the benefit of the stretch. Each student is invited to go their own pace and follow their own breath. Core is emphasized with floor work followed by a relaxing savasana or meditation. Space is limited to 4 participants (sign up on MindBody to reserve your mat). 

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