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Athletic Teams

We offer metabolic efficiency testing for athletes looking to step up their game in all disciplines of endurance and power sports. We bring our specialized equipment to your training site to provide each athlete a detailed and personalized metabolic profile, including aerobic base and VO2 Max, to take performance to its optimal level. After interpreting the test results, we offer fine-tune training routines and nutrition plans that will allow you to avoid overtraining and optimize performance.

Wellness Facilities

We offer metabolic testing for wellness facilities. The test results from an RMR test will provide insight to your client's health and metabolic efficiency. This is a great tool for nutritionists, bariatric professionals, health spas, and fitness centers. Our exercise professionals can be scheduled to conduct these tests onsite or at a facility of your choice!

Motivational Speaking

A great speaker can motivate change and provide a fresh perspective for those in search of support. Our exercise physiologists are well versed in corporate fitness, bariatrics, medical conditions, and physical limitations. We've spoken at national conferences and support groups. You can hire us to personalize a presentation for your event, or you can pick from an array of speeches that will start individuals down the path of lasting lifestyle changes.


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