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Exercise Physiologist, President and Founder

Mira Rasmussen ACSM EP-C, NASM-CES, SFMA, FMS is an exercise physiologist, functional and corrective exercise specialist, holistic nutritionist, and founder of Fitness Beyond Training studios in central Texas. Her mission is helping people redefine exercise, so they thrive in it and overcome barriers to exercise, whether its their passion or means to a goal.  She specializes in functional and corrective exercise as a foundation for athletic performance, general fitness, and weight management. "Using these methods everyone can overcome weakness to achieve their goals.  Let's optimize movement to improve the human experience!"

Mira earned her degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Utah and is a certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. She is driven in advanced continuing education and develops her skills ongoing.  Mira advocates for wellness by serving on the Obesity Action Coalition education committee, writes for Your Weight Matters Magazine, speaks at community events and national conferences. Her work has been referenced on CNN.


Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Exercise Physiologist and NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Master’s Degree in Education. Josh played football as an offensive tackle throughout grade school and some college. He has experience in group and personal training while specializing in general fitness and athletic performance.  


Josh enjoys running, coffee, and the outdoors.  Josh was an 8th grade teacher for 4 years, and has experience coaching football, tennis, powerlifting and track.  Josh believes in being a lifelong learner, and if done right, exercise can be a part of anybody’s daily routine.  He has a passion for helping others of all ages achieve a healthy lifestyle.  

Chris Vega  ACE-CPT, Weight Management Specialist, FMSC

Chris Vega is a bilingual Certified Personal Trainer. He is currently enrolled in the Exercise Physiology and Human Performance program at Texas A&M-Central Texas. From an early age, Chris started to practice several sports including Soccer, Tae Kwon Do and Swimming.  In the last few years, he has been dedicated to increasing his knowledge and experience in a broad spectrum of exercise modalities including CrossFit®, weightlifting and weight loss.  He has trained under world class coaches.

 Chris enjoys writing articles to inspire other people to take control over their lives. He has been dedicated to help people to fight obesity and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Through his social media, he has been able to reach hundreds of people and give them a positive message about fitness to encourage them to take the next step into changing their lives. Presently he is working on publishing a motivational book about fighting Obesity. 

Angelie Juaneza  NASM-CES, SFMA, FMSC, FMT

Exercise Physiologist and Health Fitness Professional

Angelie Juaneza holds a Master of Science in Education with an emphasis on Exercise Physiology as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. She has consistently participated in an active lifestyle. Angelie participated in gymnastics for 10 years before she took up tennis in junior high. She played competitive tennis all throughout high school and gained Champ rankings before heading off to college. She was fortunate to play at UMHB all 4 years and held the role of team captain her senior year. She now participates in Crossfit, actively paddleboards, and just enjoys being outdoors!


Angelie has a fire and passion for helping other become the best version of themselves through health and wellness. During her graduate studies, Angelie committed her free time in the Human Performance Lab at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor as a research assistant. During her time there, she became proficient in administering and analyzing body composition scans as well as metabolic testing. Her experience in the lab has helped her guide clients towards achieving their personal fitness goals. One study she played a role in explored the anti-inflammatory effects on joint swelling which tends to become prominent as our bodies age. She believes it is important to stay up to date with the health and fitness field as things are always changing and growing. 

Rachel Wrzuszczak NASM- CES, CNC, FMSC  

Health Fitness Professional and Nutrition Coach

Rachel is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach who holds a Master's degree in Applied Exercise Science with a concentration in Human Movement. Rachel was a softball athlete from ages 5 through 19, was fortunate enough to play for the Kentucky state all start team, and still enjoys competitive physical activity such as Crossfit or running half marathons. In her free time, she enjoys taking her daughter for runs, watching sports with her family, and drinking coffee. 


Among her many fitness & health beliefs, she is a firm advocate for being lifelong learners. Our bodies are constantly adapting to life, and that is something we should be extremely proud of. 


Rachel believes that exercise is so much more than just going to the gym, or going for a run, it is also necessary for your mental health. Her mission is to help individuals find freedom through movement and to have the healthiest lifestyle possible. 


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