Get the most out of your workouts and nutrition by knowing exactly how many calories your body uses at rest and during different levels of exercise intensity. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we will test your personal fitness level and metabolic rate. VO2 Max and RMR testing are the keys to increasing metabolic efficiency, heart health, and your body's ability to use fat as fuel. This information will determine the best baseline for nutrition and outline the cardio method that works best for your body and goals. 

Metabolic testing is a great tool for everyone! Learn more about this testing experience.

Athletes and Performance

We also offer metabolic efficiency testing for athletes looking to step up their game in all disciplines of endurance and power sports. We bring our specialized equipment to your training site to provide each athlete a detailed and personalized metabolic profile, including aerobic base and VO2 Max, to take performance to its

optimal level. After interpreting the test results, we offer fine-tune training routines and nutrition plans that will allow you to avoid overtraining and optimize performance.

Metabolic Testing

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