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About F.B.T.

Our exercise physiologists provide a personalized training program, based on thorough assessments to determine the best exercise strategy for you. Our assessment process allows the team to work with issues that impede progress like muscular imbalances, mobility restrictions,  trigger points, and joint issues. Knowing how to address these issues from the start will help you achieve your goals faster with fewer barriers. We offer so much more than the standard training experience. Fitness Beyond Training is a team of professionals who put the science of movement to work with every service provided. 

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Fitness Beyond Training provides an exceptional training experience in a private studio setting so you can focus on your goals outside of the gym.  Our team is degreed, knowledgeable and skilled to work with the physical and mental challenges that are often part of the fitness/nutrition journey.  Our team's specializations in functional exercise and corrective exercise helps our clients move past physical restrictions and onto goal achievement, regardless of their workout experience. This foundation helps you accomplish and maintain weight loss, body sculpting, heart health, athletic performance, strength and conditioning. Functional exercise is also the key to restorative movement, for those who are progressing out of physical therapy, looking to reinforce alignment with chiropractic care or needing to revitalize movement.